• Malmö Entré, Malmö
  • Zanrec Plastics, Zanzibar
  • Företagshotell, Göteborg
  • Frölunda Närsjukvårdscentrum, Göteborg
  • El Corazón, Göteborg
  • Aliquantum, Uruguay


We often work in complex contexts where our specialist knowledge in retail and urban planning is requested, and where other functions like housing, offices, health care and tourism are integrated. The joint competence and experience of our coworkers enable us to offer our clients qualified architectural services in these areas as well.

A common example of this is mixed-use blocks with retail on street level and housing or offices above. We consider it a great advantage to be able to provide our clients with an overall solution where conflicts of interests can be avoided and the coordination of different actors can be facilitated.

Apart from the more traditional architectural projects, we are also engaged in several CSR projects around the world. At the moment, we are involved in supplying good quality, affordable housing in South America, as well as supporting recycling processes in Africa.