• Sisjön, Göteborg
  • Fiskhamnen, Göteborg
  • Rävala Galleries, Tallinn
  • Frölunda Torg, Göteborg
  • Kungens kurva, Stockholm
  • Trenova, Vänersborg
  • Malmö Entré, Malmö
  • Överby, Trollhättan
  • Östra centrum, Partille

Urban design

New solutions to
the great challenges of our time

One of the great challenges of our time lies in the development of environmentally, socially and economically sustainability cities. We are involved in several projects in urban development, where we seek new solutions to these challenges.

Together with authorities and private actors, by combining urban planning theories, economic knowledge and an understanding of the varying aspects of sustainability, we take part in finding winning solutions in the design of new, innovative urban environments.