Core Values

Knowledge, Respect
and Commitment

Our core values form the platform of our identity and how we view ourselves, our commissions and our collaborations. They guide us in our daily business and when formulating our long term goals.


  • Client and funcional requirements
  • Planning process / societal requirements
  • Benchmarking best in class
  • Latest research within our field of business
  • Project economy


  • For the client and society
  • Integrity in what we do and how we act
  • For the knowledge of others
  • For time and economy
  • For each other


  • Proffesional
  • Inquisitive
  • Optimizing
  • Energetic

Creative – Enriching – Receptive
Combinging these core values help us describe how we act to act in our projects.
Creative = “new solutions to new problems”
Enriching = “adding competence and comfort”
Receptive = “keeping a keen ear and an open mind to good ideas”